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We are a UK based organisation, who is fully equipped with the resources needed to help and support nurses, midwives and nursing associates with their revalidation process. As a nurse myself I know how important and stressful the revalidation and registration renewal are for all nurses and midwives however I also know how worrying the process can be.

You may find that you are able to fulfil the requirements easily and yet some nurses find it difficult to find the right information or even make some mistakes during the process of applying. Luckily, we are here to help and support you with the process.

We are an establishing consultancy firm specialising in healthcare, and our experts are experienced nurses/midwives with a minimum of 10 years in their related field. This immense experience has enabled us to acquire extensive and working knowledge of the nursing process and the revalidation procedure.

Our consultancy services are also for care agencies, nursing homes, care homes and independent aesthetic nurses.

To ease the process of your revalidation, we can provide you with a dedicated account manager. Your account manager will provide you with any advice as well as giving you the support throughout the journey of your revalidation or career.

We provide discussions, peer reviews and appraisals from trained nurse appraisers, who can give you career and training advice which you can use to progress in your career, developing your own individual action plan.

Furthermore, we have a fully trained administration team for nurses who are finding things difficult. Our administration team can support you with all your administrative requirements.

We take great pride in having developed over 450 training courses which are CPD registered, and when completed are given a certificate.
The number of courses we offer will be increasing as we continue to develop more and more courses for you. These courses can help you significantly.

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We excel at what we do. Therefore, our clients are growing day by day. Our clients are our main priority, and we leave no stone unturned when it comes to support and guidance through their revalidation process.
Here is why we are the best:

  • We understand the complicity of the process.
  • We are run by nurses for nurses.
  • Inexpensive consultancy services for your revalidation.
  • We provide a full comprehensive service tailored to your needs.
  • And last but by no means least, we consider you as part of our family!

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“If you are someone confused about nursing revalidation like me, Juan is your guy.”


“Juan’s vast experience enabled me to get through all the stages of revalidation successfully. He deserves the full credit.”


“Staff at Nursing Revalidation is very cordial, dynamic, and supportive. They fully make you feel at home. Highly Recommended.”




“They not only took care of my revalidation from the beginning but also arranged an appraiser for reflective discussion. Thanks, guys!”


“The complexities of the revalidation were very overwhelming. I’m glad, I had the counsel of Juan.”


“I’m really really grateful for the extraordinary service. You guys made revalidation so easy which otherwise was quite an energy-consuming task.”


“Their teams are really professional and very easy to work with.”


“Juan Yanez Herrera is quite an experienced guy and very passionate about supporting nurses in UK. I’m very glad to have found you brother.”


“I’m totally going to recommend their service to my nursing colleagues. Exceptionally good and thoroughly supportive.”

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