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Those nurses working on only few locations may find it easier to revalidate and renew their registration. They may easily find a companion for reflective discussion or may easily get a line manager with whom confirmation process can be completed. They may even attend workshops easily at one place. Unfortunately, this is not the case for the nurses working with agencies. These nurses are required to move to different job locations frequently. This can create a lot of problem for nurses working with agencies.
We are here to help such nurses as well. In some cases, we can coordinate with the agency hiring these nurses and provide the support required for revalidation. In addition, we can also offer even individual support to nurses working in such circumstances and seeking revalidation. We have programs to provide a remote support for these. Anything they need, we can provide!

We know that the prospect of Revalidation can be daunting.
But the Nursing Revalidation are here to help

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