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Frequently asked questions

What does revalidation mean?

Revalidation is a mechanism used to “affirm or establish the continuing competence” of health practitioners, whilst strengthening and facilitating ethical and professional “commitment to reducing errors, adhering to best practice and improving quality of care.”

What is the purpose of revalidation?

The purpose of revalidation is to provide greater assurance to patients and the public, employers and other healthcare professionals that licensed doctors are up-to-date and fit to practice.

It is a key component of a range of measures designed to improve the quality of care for patients.

What can you expect from us?

Cohort of trained appraisers
Third party confirmers (Band 8A and above)

Support and advice through the process to agencies, nurses and midwives
Robust infrastructure to manage the process on your behalf


What is the Criteria for Revalidation?

450 hours of practice over a 3 year period for nurses and midwives (900 if dual registered

At least 35 hours of CPD with evidence of reflection (minimum of 20 hours participatory
learning; interaction with others), online CPD, workshops/conferences, journal reading,
etc) pertaining to scope of practice.

To seek practice-related feedback (students, patients, colleagues, carers etc) and reflect
on the outcome

5 pieces of written reflection

Have appropriate professional indemnity place

Obtained confirmation from a third party (Confirmer) regarding compliance to the
revalidation requirements and to provide the additional layer of assurance about the
registrant’s fitness to practise. (Current system requires self-declaration only).

All of the above criteria must be supported and evidence-based. It is a requirement for all nurses
and midwives to maintain a portfolio of evidence in order to demonstrate their on-going
commitment of fitness to practice.

What are Revalidation Principles?

Every nurse and midwife will be required to confirm that they:

Continue to remain fit to practice

Have met the requirements for practice and Continuing Professional Development

Have sought and received third party feedback on which to base reflection on their

Have had third party confirmation that they are fit to practice.

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