Are you the owner, CQC register manager, or responsible individual for a nursing or care home?

Here at Nursing Revalidation understand the difficulties and obstacles managing your training and supporting your staff can be therefore we have created a simple to use all in one package for you.
Our packages are all inclusive and works for each home as an individual home giving your managers the easy access to reports, checks adding and removing staff, if you have nurses’ we will support them to meet the criteria and never miss their revalidation.
How do we do this very simple we are experts on these field and with you in mind, we have created a programme that will provide you with all your training statistics we automatically chase staff that are under performing on their training and will work with them to improve, we also provide full reports to meet that CQC requirement for training giving your managers the time and relieve to concentrate on other tasks.
Here at Nursing Revalidation we have all you need to revalidate under one roof, we will support you through every aspect of the revalidation process.

We know that the prospect of Revalidation can be daunting.
But the Nursing Revalidation are here to help

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NMC Revalidation

We try to make the process of revalidation easy and trouble-free. We tend to ensure that revalidation is achievable for all the nurses working in any capacity in the UK. For this reason, we extend our consultancy and revalidation services to the nurses of nursing and care homes as well.
One of the major problems faced by nurses working in nursing and care homes is that they lack the environment which is available to nurses working in hospitals. Nurses working in such care homes may even struggle to find a companion nurse for reflective discussion. Reflective discussion with another nurse is one of the key requirements for revalidation. We are here to help such nurses in all their needs. We can not only arrange a nurse for reflective discussion, but we have a bundle of resources at our disposal to remotely help nurses in nursing and care homes.

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