Our Purpose

To provide a platform where healthcare professionals and students alike can develop under professional guidance and support.

Our Mission

To prepare a diverse population of professional nurses through e-learning excellence to promote health and enhance the quality of life for our patients.
Nursing Revalidation is committed to the quality of care to our member’s patients, their family, and the community through excellence in leadership, practice, innovation, and education.


Our Vision

Nursing Revalidation aspires to be the premier platform for excellence in professional nursing education for the United Kingdom, through transformative learning opportunities that promote a culture of caring and a legacy of lifelong study, leadership and responsible community service and support.

Our Values

Nursing Revalidation platform embraces the following core values:

  • Culture of Caring – Respect, Civility, Kindness, Collaboration & Diversity.
  • Culture of Professionalism – Student Engagement, Evidence-Based Practice, Life-long Learning & Competence.
  • Culture of Integrity – Ethics, Social Responsibility, Social Justice & Accountability.
  • Culture of Service – Citizenship, Leadership & Participation.

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