NHS Relocation Packages

NHS relocation packages are great to help international healthcare professionals. These professionals comprise an essential portion of the NHS. Many professionals migrate to the UK and become part of the healthcare system in the United Kingdom. Certain trusts offer relocation packages to help with the relocation. This blog will give a brief description of NHS relocation packages.

What is the purpose of the NHS relocation package?

The principal purpose behind an NHS relocation program is to assist international candidates in meeting the financial requirements of relocating to the UK. This ensures a smooth transition of healthcare professionals in the new job.

How to get a relocation package?

Every NHS trust has its specific relocation policy and eligibility requirements. The criteria that determine whether you’ll receive a relocation package are the type and length of your employment and whether the NHS trust has sufficient funds to provide a relocation package.

Types of Relocation PackagesIf you’d prefer a relocation plan, it’s essential to mention the need to do so with your Recruitment Consultant at the beginning. They will make every effort to find you a suitable one.

Types of Relocation Packages

There are the following types of NHS relocation packages.

Point of entry

This package includes all the expenses from the moment you entered the UK. The trusts will reimburse the expenses of transportation, temporary housing, Removal fee, and replacement of domestic goods.

All-inclusive relocation packages:

This package includes all the expenses before and after your entrance into the UK. This could include flight and documentation expenses and expenses reimbursed in the point of entry package.

Keep your payment slips for relocation payments.

Any expense agreed to be covered by the NHS trust and is not paid directly by them. You will require keeping the invoice as proof of the purchase. It is essential to keep original invoices and receipts (not copies), or you will not get reimbursed.
If you’re uncertain about whether you’re eligible for relocation benefits, the most effective place to begin is to speak to your designated Recruitment Consultant. Also, if you did not use an agency for medical recruitment to get your job, contact your company’s HR Department.
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