All you need to know about NMC CBT exam

The NMC CBT exam is Competence Based Test. The CBT test is designed to evaluate the capabilities and abilities of individuals who want to be a part of NHS from outside the UK or rejoin registration after a prolonged time away from the practice. In this blog you will get detail instructions and requirements for NMC CBT.

What is Competence based test?

CBT evaluates the fundamental professional skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to ensure secure and efficient nursing practice across the UK. It is the part of NMC’s registration process.


What does the CBT test will evaluate?

The CBT exam consists of questions that are written at different cognitive levels that are intended to test your knowledge and comprehension, as well as application analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of nursing professional and midwifery practices. Nursing in the UK is made up of separate and distinct fields of practice. The distinct nursing fields of practice are:

  • Learning disabilities nursing
  • Adult nursing
  • Mental health nursing
  • Children’s nursing

Based on the area of nursing you are speculating on; your skills will be assessed against a specific CBT. You must only complete the CBT in practice where you’re seeking UK registration.

New NMC CBT exam format

CBT consists of 120 multiple choice questions divided into two parts.

Part A: Numeracy

Part B: Clinical

The Part A is a numeracy test. It has 15 questions.  Numeracy test consists of short-answer questions requiring a numerical answer, objective questions and a theory test.

The part B consists of 150 questions. It covers clinical questions for nursing and midwifery.

Where can I sit the CBT exam?

The CBT test can be completed in a Pearson VUE test Centre. These centers are easily accessible in all countries of the world.

How much the NMC CBT costs?

The updated cost of CBT exam is £83.

How long the exam will last for?

The CBT lasts for 3 hours, and this includes any breaks from testing, which are optional.

How to book CBT exam?

First, NMC will verify your qualifications for CBT. After verification from NMC, Pearson Vue will send you an email to confirm that your account has been created with a temporary login password.

If you decide to pass the Test of Competence for return to training, you will first register for your Test of Competence in your NMC Online account.

After account confirmation from Pearson Vue, you can book your relevant CBT exam.

When to expect the CBT test results?

The results will be made available within the period of 48 hours. You can log into your Pearson Vue account for your results within 48 hours. Your NMC account will also be updated within 48 hours.

Your result will be either a ‘PASS’ or ‘FAIL’ and this is governed by an overall pass mark.

Can I resit in NMC CBT exam?

Part A and B from your CBT can be completed together however, they can be successful or fail separately. Only resit the section you failed.

Each session is considered an attempt. There are three chances to try within an application, with at least the period of 10 days in between session.

After three failed attempts your application will be rejected and you’ll need to wait six months in order to complete a new application and take the CBT once more.

What is the CBT Resit fee?

If you have to resit the new CBT, the fees will be:

Resit Part A and Part B: £83

Resit Part A only: £50

Resit Part B only: £70

Nursing revalidation provides complete support and guidance to NMC revalidation. Visit us for more details about revalidation requirements and how you can successfully start your nursing journey in the UK.

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