NMC revalidation hours

The NMC Revalidation hours requirement assist nurses and midwives in maintaining their practice safely and efficiently and keeping their knowledge up to date. Therefore, the registration of a nurse or midwife should reflect their current practice.

Revalidation practice hours

To be eligible for revalidation, all nurses and midwives must demonstrate that they have completed at least a certain number of hours that meet their requirements for their area of practice.
Only hours that relate to your nursing or midwifery practice will help you meet the requirement for practice hours. Your hours, of course, link to your scope of practice and are not only limited to direct care for patients.
It is possible to practice non-clinical activities like research and policy, education, or management for certain positions. This can also satisfy revalidation requirements.
Keep a log of all the hours you’ve done in your practice portfolio with details on the type and duration of your practice as well as the evidence of hours worked. The NMC has created a template for you to keep track of this.

Revalidation practice hours

NMC revalidation hours requirements

This includes at least 450 hours for nursing and 450 hours for midwifery . For Dual registrants a minimum of 900 hours over the three years since their registration was last renewed or they joined the register. 

What to do if revalidation hours are not meeting requirements?
In that case, you must complete an approved return-to-practice programme or test of competence before the registration deadline for your renewal application.


Above all, revalidation hours are necessary for NMC revalidation. Therefore, all nurses and midwives need to demonstrate that they meet revalidation requirements in their jobs. Revalidation can help nurses and midwives examine their work more than they might have before.
Nursing revalidation provides complete support and guidance about NMC revalidation hours and other revalidation requirements. Moreover, you can get a large variety of available training courses to develop your career. For more details, please visit www.nursingrevalidation.co.uk.

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