Giving Your Nurse Accessories Costume Some Medical Flair


It’s that time of year again when you dust off your trusty nurse costume for the next Halloween party or fun costume event. As much as you love your classic nurse outfit – complete with that cute little white dress, red cardigan, and cap – you may be looking to change up your look a bit this year. The solution? Fun nurse accessories that lend some medical flair!

Nurse accessories allow you to add some personality and customization to your costume while still keeping that recognizable nursing aesthetic. Plus, they tend to be budget-friendly, so you can mix and match without breaking the bank. Whether you want to give off MAS*H or Scrubs vibes or channel an old-school nurse with vintage accoutrements, the options abound!

Old-Fashioned Accessories for a Classic Nurse Costume

If you want your costume to feel like it was plucked straight from a 1950s medical show, there are tons of wonderful old-fashioned nurse accessories to consider. These types of elements play up a very classic nursing uniform look.

Vintage Nurse Cap

You can’t have a nurse costume without one of those neat caps! While any cap will do, a structured vintage one in crisp white truly completes the old-school nurse vibe. Make sure to affix it to your hair securely with bobby pins.

White Nursing Shoes

Comfortable white nursing shoes make you look like you’re ready to cover some rounds stat! Saddle shoes capture that 1950s style perfectly. For added authenticity, wear actual nursing shoe brands like Dansko or Skechers.

Doctor’s Bag

Toting around a big black leather doctor’s bag makes you look like you’re making important house calls. Fill it with fake medicinal supplies like bandages, salves, syringes, medicine bottles, and gloves for a full effect.

Retro Nurse Watch

Keep precise track of care with a no-nonsense retro nurse’s watch featuring an easy-read face and second hand. Bonus points if it comes on a thick band that fastens – rather than buckles – for accuracy.

Horn-Rimmed Glasses

Thick plastic horn-rimmed glasses were all the rage in the medical field through the 1950s. Pop a pair on as the perfect sights to scan patient charts. Go wild with cat eye shapes or two-toned colors!

Fun Accessories for Modern Nurse Costumes

Today’s nursing aesthetic encompasses a wide range of fun looks. Accessorize your costume with any of these options for a contemporary edge:


No nurse costume is complete without this medical must-have! Opt for a plastic colorful one rather than serious medical-grade. The bonus is you can wear it around your neck when not examining patients.

Colorful Scrubs

Pick up a set of brightly-colored scrubs – they’re all the rage today! Vibrant purple, patterned, Hawaiian prints…go for whatever reflects your fun personality. Just don’t forget those comfy nursing sneakers.

Surgical Mask

Surgical masks make you look like you’re ready to hunker down for serious medical procedures. They lend a real professional legitimacy to any nurse outfit.

Medical ID Badge

Print out an ID badge with your picture and a fun name like “Becky RN.” Make sure to affix it to a lanyard so it’s visible at all times. Bonus points if you can insert it into a sturdy badge holder.

Bandage Roll

Tote a giant flexible bandage roll as an accessory – simply wrap a bit around your arm or waist if you want to get creative. You can pretend to re-wrap it as needed.

Vintage or Modern – Accessories Elevate Any Nurse Costume

Whether you leaning into a Sally Starched 1950s aesthetic or want to emulate a fun-loving nurse today, accessories help take your look up a notch. And because most are inexpensive, you can always switch up pieces each year without having to invest in an entirely new costume.

With the right medical bag, ID badge, footwear and other accoutrements, your basic nurse uniform transforms into a show-stopping get-up guaranteed to help you heal others…with laughter!


Accessories provide affordable opportunities to customize a classic nurse costume however you’d like. Vintage elements play up an old-school nursing look, while contemporary pieces lend a modern flair. Feel free to mix and match across eras – get creative with colors, patterns and accessories that show off your personal tastes! Whatever chic medical embellishments you choose, your costume will now have that realistic nurse polish to impress at any Halloween bash or costume party.

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