Understanding your Role in Care training course


Understanding your Role in Care tells you what your main duties and responsibilities are and who you report to. Ask your employer for a copy if you do not have it. You should know what is expected of you but also what is not included in your role.

What is the meaning of understanding your role in care?

A job description won’t be able to include every duty you will have; however, it should provide a good overview of your position. Knowing what your employer wants to accomplish can help you to understand your role. Examining your organization’s values, goals, and objectives will help you determine this. Values are the organization’s guiding principles, which should be reflected in every part of the care you offer.

Important points (Duties, responsibilities)

The following types of tasks could be included in your job description:

  • Delivering care and support, working in a person-centered manner, effectively communicating, developing connections, and advancing diversity and equality
  • Collaborating with others, supporting one another, and honing your talents to produce better work.
  • Safely contributing to activities, maintaining and filing accurate records, according to rules, and functioning in the manner that has been agreed upon.
  • Preserving confidentiality by keeping records safely stored and refraining from sharing any personal information about customers or employees with unauthorized parties.

You have responsibilities to the persons for whom you give care and support. You must make sure that:

  •  The care they receive meets their needs by including them and their carer or support network in the planning, review, and delivery of their care
  • Their safety and welfare are protected by making sure that their care plan is followed and carried out in mutually agreed-upon, safe ways
  • Through working in ways that promote equality and diversity and preserve their dignity and human rights, people are treated fairly and that their rights are upheld.

Aims, objectives and values

To understand your role, it is important to be aware of what your employer wants to achieve. You can find this out by looking at the values, aims and objectives of your organization.

  • Values – Are the beliefs or ideals of the organization, which should be evident in all aspects of care that you provide.
  • Aims – Are the overall general goals of the organization, i.e., what they are hoping to achieve through their activities. You will play a part in contributing and helping your employer in achieving these aims.
  • Objectives – Are the specific things that must be in place to achieve the aims.

CPD approved course to understand your role in care

Get access to the Understand your role in care course

Nursing Revalidation provides CPD approved course to understand your role in care. This course will define social care and talk about why people choose it as a career and what its goals and objectives are. It will also cover job descriptions, person centered care, understanding code of practices and the basics of government legislation. Finally, it will touch on dealing with conflicts at work.

The bottom line

This Understanding your Role in Care training course will provide awareness on your role, behaviors and standards of work that are expected from you in your job role.

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