Health and Character for revalidation

Health and character for revalidation is another requirement for NMC. You must state if you have been convicted of any criminal offence or granted a formal caution in the three years before your registration renewal.

Character for NMC revalidation

Good character is crucial and central to the Code because nurses and midwives must be honest and trustworthy. Actions, behaviour, and attitude define an excellent character. According to the code,
You should report any cautions and convictions to the NMC immediately, not merely at the time of renewal. NMC gives you the chance to write any ongoing police charges as part of your disclosure.

Caution or Conviction

A caution or conviction comprises both a caution or conviction for a criminal crime obtained in the UK while a conviction received overseas for an offence that would constitute a criminal offence if committed in England and Wales.
You do not need to declare fixed plenty charges unless they result in disqualification while crimes that have already been proclaimed do not need to be repeated. There is no requirement to report a protected caution or conviction.

NMC Health and character for  revalidation

To revalidate, you should be in good enough health to practise safely and effectively without supervision, assuming your employer has made any reasonable changes.
This does not imply that there must be no impairment or health issue. Many persons with impairments or health concerns can practise well, with or without the assistance of modifications.

Health for NMC revalidation

How to record health and character declaration?

The Code puts a focus on your health and character. This requirement requires you to affirm that your physical and mental health allows you to practise safely and effectively.
There is no need to collect documentation to demonstrate that you satisfy this requirement. Just complete the declarations when submitting your application.
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