Professional indemnity arrangement

Professional identity agreement is another requirement for NMC revalidation. So, you should state that you have or be practising with adequate insurance in an indemnity agreement.

What is an indemnity arrangement?

An indemnity arrangement is an indemnity agreement that may represent an insurance plan or an arrangement made through a professional body or organisation to repay you.

  • If you’re employed, your employer has arranged for indemnification purposes.

Indemnity management cover

It is essential to ensure that your insurance plan has adequate protection and is appropriate to the nature and magnitude of the risks which are associated with your business and ensure sufficient to compensate you if the claim is successful against you.

What is an appropriate indemnity cover for you?

A suitable cover depends on the combination of elements that include the area of practice or areas in which you practise or the services you offer to the public and patients, and the potential risks associated with your exercise.

appropriate indemnity cover

How to select professional indemnity cover?

The right coverage for one person could not be suitable for the other. So, you must ensure that you are aware of the potential dangers. Because there is a legal indemnity plan that offers protection suitable for the risk.
You’re in an excellent position to seek the advice necessary from a professional association to make reasonable, well-informed choices about the amount of coverage that’s appropriate to your needs and your work. Therefore, you must be capable of justifying your choices.

How to record professional indemnity arrangements for NMC revalidation?

professional indemnity arrangements

You don’t have to submit the evidence that proves you can meet this revalidation requirement; however, confirm that you’ve got the right insurance when submitting your application.
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