Positive Handling Training for Schools

What is positive handling in schools?

Positive Handling is a set of safe holding techniques that staff members use as a last resort after de-escalation techniques have failed. Staff members safely hold students until they can control their own emotions, preventing them from hurting themselves or others.

Positive handling is a progressive technique that uses the least intrusive intervention for the shortest amount of time to accomplish the goal as it moves toward controlling extreme behavior. It is one of the most effective ways to learn how to manage a disruptive student while also safeguarding them and complying with the law.

Nursing Revalidation provides best course for Positive Handling in Schools

Main purpose of positive handling

The goal of preventative and intervention strategies is to stop school violence before it starts. The key to managing student hostility in schools is staff support.

Teaching institutions are required by law to provide staff training in order to support it. A top priority is to prevent any physical interference. The idea is to gradually deescalate situations before using physical force as a last resort, only if all other measures have failed or are highly likely to fail.

Although using excessive force is abusive and illegal, the phrase “Minimum Force” poses a threat. We could unintentionally fall under the influence of “The law of unintended consequence.”

In compliance with Sections 2 and 3 of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, Positive Handling is a statutory and required training.

For all employees, it is a sizable commitment and undertaking. Due to an increase in school violence, employees and supervisors have voiced a growing need to acknowledge prior knowledge and experience.

Best features of positive handling


Positive handing ensures that every person in your school is treated with dignity and shown respect, even when things get difficult.

Nursing Revalidation create and deliver research-informed training that effectively transfers to your classrooms and hallways through partnerships with sector experts.

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Positive handling training course that you should choose

Nursing Revalidation provides best course for Positive Handling in Schools

This course will start by looking at some examples and statistics which highlight the seriousness and extent of aggressive pupil behaviour, it will then go on to explain how you can identify the stages of aggression and provide some tips on how you could de-escalate a pupil before they lash out. It also looks at where the law stands on this subject and finally best practice in theory if you ever do need to restrain a pupil.


Positive handling for schools is used to describe a number of techniques for controlling difficult behavior and safely resolving significant crises for pupils. Through a graded response, it seeks to lessen violent, aggressive, and antisocial behavior in order to safeguard individuals engaged from additional injury.

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