What are the key responsibilities of the band 6 nurse?

The band 6 nurse is entitled to Senior Staff Nurse and is responsible for assessing, planning, providing specialist nursing advice and carrying out specialist nursing procedures. This blog will get a complete insight into the band 6 nurse job responsibilities.

Band 6 nurse job description:

The band six nurse is a senior staff nurse post. The senior staff nurse works 37.5 hours per week on average. The post holder ensures a secure, efficient, and adequate health care environment for patients, family members and carers. They are responsible for the evaluation, planning, and execution of the care programs without the direct supervision of senior staff. They oversee the unit daily, in the absence of the Ward Matron or Sister.

The post holder is responsible for supervising students, staff, and other team members. They could conduct research or clinical audits within their specific area of expertise. They are assuring the well-being of the users and supporting their dignity by implementing person-centred health principles.

Workplace relationships of band six nurses:

Band 6 nurse job descriptionThe band 6 nurses usually interact with:

  • Matron
  • Head of Nursing
  • Service General Manager
  • Service Delivery Manager
  • Consultants
  • Junior Medical Staff
  • Nursing Staff
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Administrative and Clerical Support Staff
  • Professional and Technical staff

Duties and responsibilities of senior staff nurse:

Clinical responsibilities and patient care for band 6 nurse

  • Manage diverse patients within the speciality while being a multidisciplinary team offering direct care to patients.
  • Practice in a manner that is appropriate and provides specialist guidance in evaluating, planning, implementing, and evaluating care for patients. This includes taking a history physical examination and soliciting approved diagnostic procedures or clinical tests.
  • Responsible for proper prescription medication use, including transfusion of blood and blood products.
  • Assist in the assessment and recognition of emergencies in the area of. Interpret information and take appropriate action and guide others to do the same.
  • As a patient advocate, patients within the department ensure a patient-focused approach to providing services and ensure that they meet the requirements of the NHS Plan and other relevant guidelines.
  • Ensure that patients receive the best healthcare quality and a pleasant patient experience while respecting their customs, religions, convictions, and beliefs.
  • Avoid situations that can be detrimental to the health and well-being of people.
  • To offer leadership, support and direction to staff members in monitoring the delivery of planning and evaluation of the individualised care.
  • He is solely responsible for their conduct according to the NMC code of conduct for professional behaviour. He makes every effort to improve and maintain their expertise and professionalism.
  • band 6 nurseAssist in providing safe and effective treatment for patients with complex needs that require advanced clinical skills and who are accountable to carry out nursing procedures for the area.
  • Responsible for ensuring a secure setting for visitors, patients and other employees in the clinical setting.
  • Verify that sensitive patient records are kept securely.

Quality Assurance:

  • responsibilities of senior staff nurseOffer a high-quality and cost-effective specialist service by monitoring, auditing, and other quality-related initiatives that the Trust approves.
  • Participate in and lead significant developments related to the field to ensure that top-quality patient-focused services are advertised.
  • Enhance the interaction between the patients, staff members of the community, staff members and visitors
  • Create and use information systems to support periodic audits of the clinical work and produce an annual report on the incidence of clinical work for the Health Authority. Health Authority and an annual speciality and activity report.
  • Participate in team meetings with multi-professionals.
  • Monitor and set the standards of care regularly. Then, implement corrective actions.

Leadership and management

  • As a leader role model, you must demonstrate expert skills and the highest standards of clinical practice. Also, help or guidance in the event of need.
  • Create the role by the changing needs of patients and research findings in the available resources.
  • Keep accurate medical records and ensure that confidentiality of data is maintained.
  • Control your workload and manage the caseload of self and practice by identifying and maintaining networks of support for yourself and other employees.
  • To be aware of the goals laid by the NHS Plan and Corporate & Directorates goals and, in collaboration and with the team of multi professionals, utilise the resources at hand to meet the targets.
  • Instruct specialists for staff members on the clinic team that aid in learning and personal growth.
  • As a coordinator of the day-to-day administration of the area for clinical care, delegates care and duties effectively while ensuring overall accountability.
  • Assures that staffing and the skill mix are constantly maintained to an amount that does not interfere with patient safety.
  • Responsible for the evaluation and subsequent order of staff from agencies and banks in the clinical area, including the authorised signatory of temporary staff


  • band 6 staff nurseCreate an environment that encourages communications between the patient and health professionals which meets the individual’s needs.
  • Effectively communicate and role model for people in the community as well as other staff members on the health team.
  • Offer the necessary support for sharing best practices in your Ward/Department and Trust.

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