What is the role of the band 7 nurse?

A Band 7 nurse holds a pivotal position in healthcare, signifying a senior role with advanced responsibilities. Also known as Clinical Nurse Specialists or Advanced Nurse Practitioners, they lead in patient care coordination, team management, and contribute to strategic decision-making. With extensive clinical expertise, they play a crucial role in education, research, and policy development. Serving as mentors, they guide junior staff, embodying a commitment to elevating patient care and advancing nursing practice.

Job description of band 7 nurses:

Band 7 nurse is responsible for the nursing services delivery. The advanced nurse manages all nursing staff. However, you will work closely with the practices manager and GPs to implement the practices priorities. Hence, the job’s primary focus is to provide evidence-based practice to patients suffering from chronic and acute conditions and manage preventative interventions for all patients. You will collaborate with the entire group of general practitioners to address the requirements of patients while assisting with the process of delivery and providing direction and leadership of the team. The position holder will be employed Monday through Friday during working hours but will also be involved during off-hours to deliver services.

Duties and responsibilities of nurse practitioners

Management and leadership of band 7 nurse

  • responsibilities of nurse practitionersTo be accountable for the direction of their department or ward,  effectively managing, motivating employees, supervising and controlling them to ensure that teamwork effectively works resources and time.
  • To ensure that the maximum utilization of the bed base available is maintained by utilising established operational strategies that enable appropriate admissions and promptly discharge to meet the requirements required by the EDD process and nurse-led discharge.
  • As a substitute for the Clinical Nurse Manager when required
  • In collaboration together with CNM in ensuring that the appropriate professional and managerial structure exists to assist the delivery of services as well as functional needs within their ward or department that are in line with the corporate goal
  • To delegate the responsibility for a part of a budget. To be a signatory authorised for the stock order, timesheets, and expenses
  • Involve in annual employee establishment and skill mix reviews by encouraging and promoting innovative ways of working that are supportive and help achieve goals of the division and corporate as well as an improvement program
  • To collaborate with the multi-professional team to design services that satisfy legal and organisational requirements and ensure that the efficient supply for all elements of health healthcare is provided to an acceptable level.

Patient Care

  • Clinically practice as a leader, coordinator and supervising the nursing practice. Consequently, assuring that every patient has their needs assessed and programs of care are designed to meet the needs of patients and the care is delivered in line with the established policies and procedures.
  • Job description of band 7 nursesTo be a skilled practitioner who is innovative and demonstrates expertise in clinical practice.
  • Band 7 nurse lead the delivery and implementation to the Essence of Care standards
  • To lead the team in using the manual handling methods approved for the delivery of patient care. Employing the techniques learned by manual handling specialists and ensuring the safety of non-mechanical and mechanical manual handling tools.
  • Monitor and review the standards of practice and clinical standards within their specific clinical areas paying particular attention to the need for evidence-based practice.

Communication and working relationships

  • When appropriate, interpret and provide the relevant information to patients and their families. However, sshows the highest interpersonal and communication abilities standards. Meanwhile, ensure that the patients and their caregivers are provided with relevant verbal and written information throughout their stay.
  • Above all, support staff working who are suffering from highly distressing or emotionally arousing levels of illness.
  • Initiate basic ward-based training for junior staff members regarding the strategies for communication.
  • responsibilities of band 7 nursesTo show sensitivity when handling sensitive and confidential information received from relatives, patients and colleagues, aiding and advice when needed. React appropriately to information provided. Ward manager
  • Maintaining productive and collaborative communications among everyone in the team. In resolving conflicts and working within the team to provide an excellent level of coordination of patient care.

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